Grab a Blanket and a Pumpkin Latte: Listing the Best Fall Comfort Entertainment


Graphic by Sidra Asif

The first season of the show “Gilmore Girls” and the films “Good Will Hunting” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” are all set during the autumn season.

If you enjoy the comforts associated with fall — pumpkin spice, blankets, hot chocolate and binge-watching entertainment for hours, consider these movies and TV show recommendations, ranked in no particular order. 

“Gilmore Girls”

Set in a charming small town in Connecticut, the first season of “Gilmore Girls” offers stunning fall aesthetics. From Rory Gilmore’s private school uniform to the warm color palette of the autumn-esque setting, “Gilmore Girls” is the perfect TV show to binge during the fall months. Lorelai’s insatiable coffee addiction may tempt your craving for a cozy warm drink, while Rory’s studious back-to-school attitude might even motivate you to romanticize studying. The plot is mainly delivered through excessive banter between characters, which can come across as either appealing or boring, depending on the viewer. One thing is for sure: this unique mother-daughter dynamic will charm its way to your heart. 

“Fantastic Mr. Fox”

A holiday classic — this stop-motion film based on the Roald Dahl novel of the same name is perfect for a cozy family movie night. Set during the fall season, the color palette features hues of orange and red, giving an overall aesthetically pleasing vibe, as most Wes Anderson movies tend to. The plot follows the conflicts of a family of foxes with nearby human farmers. Unexpectedly emotional at times, this movie is less childish than it may seem and beautifully portrays the complexity of family dynamics especially needed during the holidays. 

“Good Will Hunting”

Heart-wrenchingly beautiful and emotionally raw, this film follows young genius and petty criminal Will Hunting’s life after receiving a janitorial job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mentored by a well-established math professor after anonymously completing complex equations, Will gets the opportunity to reach his full potential but is set back due to his extremely apathetic attitude. The plot takes a turn when he slowly begins to learn about the beauty of life with the help of his court-appointed therapist. Set in the fall in Boston, this film will get you in the brooding, sentimental mood that perfectly pairs with the cooler weather.