Grades App Taken Off App Store


Maya Sabbaghian

The Grades app was popular among students for its swift and easy-to-use design. Many students that still have the app downloaded may continue using the app instead of switching, although the app will no longer be supported.

Maya Sabbaghian and Nathan Oh

The App store took down the popular Grades for Parents and Students application, a tool with a colorful interface that allowed students to check their grades. Students can still use the app today if they have it installed, but students who have deleted it or never installed it can no longer download it after April 30.

“It’s been an honor developing this app for you all, and I’m amazed by how many of you found it useful,” app creator Adrien Truong said in a statement. “I had no idea that an app made primarily just for myself would be downloaded by so many people.”

Other alternatives are available, such as the recently developed grades app by Aeries. Although it lacks the same colorful and easy-to-use design with displaying primarily gray colors and requiring several more steps to view certain features than Truong’s application, the app functions similarly. It also contains a “what if” mode where students can edit assignments to see what their grade would be like, as well as having attendance, contacts and demographics available.

“The Grades app is more minimalist and simplistic, but the minimalist factor makes it easier to use,” freshman Sandy Lu said. “[The Aeries app] is more aesthetic and I can see my personal information on there.”

Students from other school districts are holding petitions online that oppose the shutdown of the app; Isaiah Morse from Tustin Unified School District has a petition on with currently over 300 signatures. The Grades app was widely used among students across several campuses, including Portola.

“I loved the Grades app because it was very convenient to use and I could put in mock assignments and see how much it affects my grade,” sophomore Shinji Cho said. “[The change] will be hard to get used to, but I think when I start using [the Aeries app] more it will be okay.”