Halloween Costumes That Are Easy and Effortless


Simrat Singh

Recreating Iron Man is just as easy as purchasing this 9.99 t-shirt from a local Party City. The t-shirt can easily be paired with additional decorations like an Iron Man mask for 4.99 at the same location.

Simrat Singh and Bia Shok

The orange hued Jack-O-Lanterns are warmly lit at doors, neighborhood streets are eerily decorated with white cobwebs and of course, all sorts of amazing costumes fill the streets. With costumes arguably being one of the most exciting parts of the Halloween season, here are some recommendations of some easy costume ideas this year, based off the pop culture trends of 2019.

1. The Joker

A classic villain for ages, the Joker has been a popular character for quite some time. The character has garnered even more recognition since the trailer release and October movie release of “Joker”, which brought in audiences across the country. The specific features the Joker has are fairly easy to recreate. The curly green hair can easily be replicated with a wig or temporary hair dye, the signature stretched mouth can be replicated with face paint or lipstick and the distinctive suit can be simply reenacted with a green neon-colored t-shirt bought for cheap at a local craft store

2. Clowns

The remake of the classic Stephen King horror novel, “It”, frightened and entertained moviegoers back in 2017, and its 2019 sequel, “It Chapter 2,” continued to thrill viewers and bring a spotlight on clowns. With its simple design of a red nose, painted smile and pin-striped clothes, all items that can be acquired from a local Party City, dressing as a clown is sure to be something that people can expect to see this year.

3. Superheroes

With the release of “Avengers Endgame” becoming the highest grossing movie of all time, superheroes have become more exciting than ever. Heroes like Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and so much more have become a staple of Halloween. The costume can simply be recreated with graphic t-shirts or even with just a couple of the signature logos of superheroes. To maximize the effect, you can throw on one of the superhero’s signature weapons like Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield. Superhero costumes are also fun as they add the bonus of being able to easily dress up in a theme with a larger group.

4. “Stranger Things”

Following up on the “Stranger Things” season one and two releases, season three’s release this July brought much excitement to fans. The cast’s distinctive but casual dressing allows anyone to achieve the maximum effect with minimum effort. For example, Eleven can be simply resembled with a dress under a baggy windbreaker and Eggo boxes while a curly brown wig under a baseball cap with any t-shirt can create Dustin’s recognizable look. Although Eleven’s appearance changed over the seasons, this iconic image still provokes everyone to think of Eleven at a glance.