How One Student is Following Her Passions This Summer


Photo Courtesy of Sonia Goyal

Goyal attended a DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) state conference, and competed in tests for “Startup Business Plan” and “Intro to Finance” to experience the competitive and timely manner of the business world.

Krisha Konchadi, Social Media and Marketing Team

While some students in Irvine spend their summers taking SAT classes or perhaps taking on a task such as learning to drive, junior Sonia Goyal decided to spend this coming summer exploring a potential career path.

 Auspex Capital, the company Goyal is interning for, is an investment banking company that works with a lot of fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell and Wendy’s. 

 “I heard about this internship through my dad because he’s one of the managers there.” Goyal said. “Since I am unsure of what my future holds, this internship will help me decide what direction I want to take in life.”

Goyal said she was willing to overlook this internship being unpaid, as she was looking more for work skills and experience over monetary compensation.
“The main benefit I am getting is experience and the fact that I get to see how the business world is run,” Goyal said. “I wanted to practice working with different types of people in an environment that I’m not typically used to, so it’s just a totally different experience.”

Day-to-day job duties such as working with spreadsheets and building relationships with potential future employers are all important skills she wanted to gain before entering her desired field.  

“[Since] I’m considering going into a business career, and investment banking is in the world of finance, I wanted to see if finance is a sub category I would want to go in,” Goyal said.  

Auspex Capital acquires interns to help the company with analytical and marketing support. High school interns like Goyal can also prove to bring young, innovative ideas into any office. Helping her step out of her comfort zone and working with adults is an added benefit to this overall experience. 

“Being able to work beside my dad and seeing him do what he does everyday for us, and being able to join him and potentially continue in that same direction is an amazing experience and opportunity that I couldn’t let go of,” Goyal said.