How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Photo Courtesy of Tomasz Kozlowski

According to Business Insider, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. To keep yours for 2018, follow this guide.

Junhee Ryu and Farhad Taraporevala

It is that time of the year again: New Year’s Day, a time many people consider a “new beginning” or “fresh start” to improve upon their old selves in previous years. If you are planning on creating New Year’s resolutions for 2018, here are some tips to help keep them alive long after January.

  1. Trying to lose 50 pounds in one day? It is probably not going to happen. Choose a realistic goal; ask yourself, “Can I really achieve this?” Also, start small not overwhelm yourself. For example, if your goal is to get better on a musical instrument, then start with practicing two or three days per week, instead of seven.
  2. Do not know when to start? You can start now! Bring out your calendar, and start marking off weekly and monthly goals. This way, you are held accountable and manage your time well. Also, procrastination is less likely.
  3. Do not know where to start? Create a plan, and spread work throughout the week or whatever time span is appropriate for your goal. Write out each step you will accomplish so that you will not be overwhelmed, and make progress toward your weekly goal.
  4. Forgetting to practice an instrument? Write down your goals somewhere you will see it every day. This daily reminder will make you refocus on your goal so that you set yourself up for success.
  5. Finished your first 5k? Celebrate your progress! Set smaller rewards at the end of your small challenges. This way, you will be rewarded more often and motivated in the long run.
  6. Ate a whole bin of ice cream while you were supposed to be on a diet? Do not sweat it. Everyone makes mistakes! Forgetting a day or two of work towards your goal on a week that you are overwhelmed is okay. Instead, practice resilience, and pick yourself back up!
  7. Need guidance? The more people you inform about your goals, the more people that will hold you accountable when you want to give up. Parents, friends, siblings and your counselor can all be helpful and supportive tools to reach your New Year’s resolutions.

These seven tips will set you up for success. Have a great year, and we hope you succeed on your resolutions!