JV Boys’ Soccer Shoots Forward into New Season

Sophomore Zaid Khan signals to his teammates as he gains possession of the ball.

Helena Hu and Maryam Shama

For the past months, junior varsity boys’ soccer has been working towards the start of the season. The team is looking to gain experience competing against other schools as this is the first year having a JV team. Coach Matthew Huleatt will be leading the team for the first time.

“I know [Huleatt] is a good coach because he knows what he’s doing. He played in high school on varsity his first year,” left back and sophomore Belal Zahran said. “The drills he gives us benefit us, and they teach us new things and new tactics and we get to overall learn from him because he’s very experienced in soccer.”

One factor that stands out is that many of the players are friends. The team enjoys hanging out together on and off the field, and their bond gives them the upper hand when they compete against other teams.

“It’s a great experience just to bond with your friends and bond with new people that soon become your friends and your teammates,” center mid and sophomore Mustafa Hassan said. “Those are the people that you fight for in the game, and those are the people that fight for you in the game.”

The boys will kick off their season with the first home game against Century High on Dec.1 at 3:30 p.m., and Huleatt said he is excited for this upcoming season.

“Overall for this season I’m extremely excited, especially for our JV boys. We have a very talented young group of freshmen and sophomores, which, overall when we compete in these higher level JV teams, we want to be pushed to our limits in how we’re going to compete, but I think our boys will step up, and overall we’re going to have a very successful season,” Huleatt said.