JV Girls’ Tennis Wraps Up Season with Loss Against Beckman

Sophomore Allison Shi returns a hit from her opponent.

Maryam Shama and Shawyan Rooein

JV girls’ tennis lost to Beckman High 6-8 on Oct. 20 at Portola High. This was their last game of the season leaving them with a record of 3-8.

Before the game it began to rain, which led to confusion about whether the game would be cancelled. As the sky began to clear up, the coaches decided to carry on. The match was shortened to two rounds rather than three, and the girls pushed through the entirety of the match.

“This game actually went really well; this was a good loss I’d like to say,” JV tennis coach Natasha Schottland said. “We fought hard [and] improved from our last time against Beckman.”

The girls had initially lost to Beckman High 3-9 in a previous game. In their second match against them, the Bulldogs narrowed that gap. Schottland said she believes this game was a great improvement as Beckman High is one of the top schools for girls tennis.

Sophomore and captain Lauren Hwang said she feels similarly to Schottland in that they played a good match.

“I feel like I could have done so much better, but then overall as a team I know a lot of people played [well], and hopefully we take it as a lesson [and a] learning opportunity,” Hwang said.

Each game has allowed for the girls to find areas they are lacking in and focus on them later during practice. Despite their losses, the girls have improved throughout the season.

“We lost our recent game, but I think we still did a really good job. We had a lot of losses and some wins throughout the whole season, but it was really fun to play different opponents from different schools,” freshman Sarina Iwai said.

With a record of three wins and eight losses, the team has done well considering it is their first year at the JV level.

“The season was tough. We won a few, but [overall] we’ve lost a lot of matches; that being said, I think it’s a good learning experience as to what a JV team looks like, and hopefully it will help us practice for our league matches next year,” Schottland said.