Lana Del Rey Shares New Hit Single After Delaying Album Release


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“Chemtrails Over The Country Club” has received over 9 million views on YouTube, surpassing her last single, “Let Me Love You Like a Woman,” which has 3 million views.

Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey released her first single of 2021 on Jan 11., “Chemtrails Over The Country Club,” that has introduced a new era and theme revolving around her seventh studio album, which will be released March 19. 

The music video features a shift in setting, starting with a 1950s country-club aesthetic and transforming during the second half of the song into a fantasy filled with werewolves and a tornado. 

Grant has mentioned that she drew inspiration from her friends while writing songs for the highly-anticipated album. In a conversation with Interview magazine, she spoke about how her new single mentions all of her friends and vaguely showcases the topic of romance. 

Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer Jack Antonoff was also confirmed to be working in the studio with Grant for “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” after helping produce her sixth studio album “Norman F****** Rockwell!” in 2016.

Shortly before the music video was released, Del Rey announced the album’s tracklist and artwork for the cover, which is a black and white photograph of her and all her friends sitting at a table in a country club. The album will feature 10 songs in addition to her previous single “Let Me Love You Like a Woman.”

“I think it was a good way to introduce her album, with it being a single and how the album is going to be following the style of the song” junior Grace Bashawaty said. “It set the precedent of what the new album was going to look like and I liked that.”

The song itself is certainly a little bit different than her previous albums and songs; her vocals in the beginning of the song are accompanied by a sweet piano melody and eventually, more instruments, adding to the musical depth of the song. Grant shows off her vocal range by staring off the song in a deeper, darker register and then ascending into a more heavenly and lighter upper register. In her lyrics, she takes something as dangerous and mysterious as a chemtrail and transforms it into something that is appealing to look at, with most of the other lyrics in the song being about her closest friends, sisters and family members.

Her single showcases not only Del Rey’s musical range, but also her genius and flowing lyrics; the beautiful cinematography of her music video and the whole aesthetic of her new country club era results in some of the best work Del Rey has ever produced.