Mental Health, an Underlying Epidemic: What Brings You Hope?

Ryne Dunman and Jaein Kim


The Portola Pioneer is the official news and culture podcast of the Portola Pilot, aiming to foster a sense of community and provide a unique storytelling medium to its listeners.

In the September episode, “Mental Health, an Underlying Epidemic: What Brings You Hope?” co-hosts Jaein Kim and Ryne Dunman discuss mental health, suicide prevention and the implications of social isolation on community wellness. Featuring Portola alumni Aliyah Davis about her journey with depression and anxiety, senior Stella park about Hope Squad and wellness coordinator Maureen Muir about the importance of reaching out and finding hope during these times.

Disclaimer: This episode of the Pioneer contains information regarding depression, anxiety and suicide. We advise listeners who may be triggered by these topics to refrain from listening and to join us again for the October episode instead.


Music Credit:

“Fight Song” Rachel Platten (instrumental)

“The Wisp Sings” Winter Aid (instrumental)

“To Build A Home” Cinematic Orchestra (instrumental; slowed down)

“Beautiful Relaxing Piano Music – Still” Ross Bugden