Naan & Kabob: From Unbeatable to Uneatable


Manan Mendiratta

Naan & Kabob offers a variety of Persian cuisine and is located in Tustin.

Manan Mendiratta, Contributing Writer

Described as a “casual Persian storefront cafe” by Google, Naan & Kabob has built a reputation over the years of serving delicious halal food that stays true to Persian culture. However, a recent change in ownership has tarnished its reputation and caused loyal customers to question the authenticity of the restaurant.

Ownership transferred from previously Islamic owners to Hispanic owners. While this may not harm the business, the cultural integrity of the recipes and the restaurant as a whole have failed to meet expectations.

One issue is the process in which the food is prepared. Traditionally, Naan & Kabob has prided itself in serving true halal food to customers by adhering to Islamic religious standards, including the way the meat is prepared.

However, the new owners of the business have strayed away from making halal food, which has prevented virtually all Islamic customers from eating at the restaurant.

Disappointingly, the food quality has degraded altogether— and not just from a cultural perspective. Even as a non-Persian, it is clear that many of the flavorful and fragrant spices, such as turmeric and saffron, previously found in the food is missing after the owner change. This is due to the fact that the original chef left the restaurant along with the owner. These differences are clear in some of their most loved dishes, such as the Chicken Kabob and Beef Koobideh special.

Recent renovations to the exterior have removed the warm and cozy atmosphere in favor of a modern and industrial one that offers little to potential customers.

Although Naan & Kabob has previously had a positive reputation, the cultural identity of the restaurant has been lost, so exploring other authentic persian restaurants will result in a more enjoyable overall experience.