New 16-inch Macbook Pro is Apple’s ‘Magic Key’ to User Satisfaction


William Hsieh

One way Apple promoted the new MacBook Pro was an augmented reality program that allowed customers to see the reiteration in their surrounding environment using their phone cameras.

Ki Joon Lee

Apple released a brand-new generation of the MacBook Pro on Nov. 13, boasting an updated 16-inch screen along with a premium price ranging from $2,399 to $6,099 depending on the amount of internal storage. The tech community expressed positive reviews of the long-awaited reiteration of the Pro line, renowned for its high processing speed and top-tier display ideal for creative content creation.

“I will say I am pretty happy with this computer,” tech YouTuber Justin Tse said in his review. “I feel like it is a much better value for the performance you’re getting compared to previous gens.”

The most important update comes from the new “Magic Keyboard” that uses scissor-switch keys that allow convenient and responsive typing instead of frequent jammed keys seen in the previous models’ butterfly-mechanism keyboards.This one fix may justify the upgrade from an older MacBook Pro for many users.

“They [Apple] were initially going less towards Pro products and more towards consumer products, and I think they’re moving back to where they’re getting those creative professionals who actually need powerful computers,” MacBook user and senior Nikhil Jha said. “The community response is definitely overwhelmingly positive. People are liking new changes. It’s obviously still expensive because it’s an Apple product, but I think that’s overlooked.”

The slightly bigger display screen saw thinner bezels, but the improvement in resolution was almost unnoticeable. Nevertheless, there are significant improvements in processing speed and graphics, with the base model equipped with 2.6 GHz 6-core i7 and AMD Radeon Pro 5300M. Users will now also get up to 11 hours of battery life with the new 100 Wh battery, which is the largest the Federal Aviation Administration  allows on aircrafts. 

“It’s the MacBook Pro that lots of people have been holding out for. It rolls back the most experimental of Apple’s changes,” Dieter Bohn said for The Verge. “It’s the no-drama MacBook Pro. And thank god for that because for people who want a big-screen, big-power Mac laptop, it’s also the only option around. This year, it’s a very good one.”