Opening the Campus to New Opportunities

Dylan Thakarar, Staff Writer

A question that resides within the minds of many is whether there should be an open or a closed campus? As Portola High approaches the halfway mark of its second year, and many students are beginning to drive, it is crucial that Portola opens up its campus.

“I would love Portola to have an open campus because it gives students freedom during lunch to go wherever they want in the designated time frame,” student driver and sophomore Mustafa Hassan said.

All students who are 15 and a half or older should be able to leave campus during their lunch period as they should be able to use their cars in order to grab food and take a break. According to VisionLaunch, an open campus during lunch time teaches students to be more successful with time management and responsibility.

“I think it’s fun for students to have an open campus,” history teacher Emily Sheridan said.

Having an open campus would allow for more students to be able to have a healthier experience as they have more variety. Students would be able to have more options when it comes to selecting their lunch because variety opens up the possibility to bring students more beneficial options in their diets. VisionLaunch states that variety allows students to have more nutritious options that differ from what is offered at school.

“An open campus would not be bad as long as students are responsible. They should not carpool with other students if they are not allowed to legally,” student driver and sophomore Stephanie Tang said.

With an open campus, students are able to interact with their peers without the emotional toll school brings. Students can go off campus and enjoy their lunch by themselves or with their friends. Students are able to restart halfway through school and when they return they will be excited and ready to finish off the day.