Painting Portola: An Art Club Feature


Chloe Ma, Staff Writer

Have you ever noticed drawings and other types of artwork around campus? Most of them are from the ‘People with Paintbrushes’ Club, also known as Art Club. The club was founded last year, holding meetings every other Monday in Room 403, visual and performing arts teacher Kearci Moir’s classroom.

“We have been slowly easing into the new school year,” president Audrey Chiang said. “We discussed plans for the future like upcoming events and making club t-shirts.”

Many people joined art club after Club Kick-Off. However, students who are interested can still join the club by attending club meetings.

“People should join art club because I know a lot of student can’t take art right now as a class,” Moir said. “So this is a great opportunity to still be in the art classroom to make things, not because you want the school credit. It’s because you really love to create.”

In the future, there will be many events and activities held by Art Club, such as the upcoming field trip where students will be going to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

“We are going to that museum just to see all of the art they have there,” Moir said. “It is open to all my students in my classes, in my club and any student on campus.”

Art club consists of artists with a variety of skill levels. During meetings, students seem to be involved and learn new art skills.

“This is my second year as a member being in Portola’s Art Club,” sophomore Paris Zhuang said. “Last year we had different showcases around the school that showed our artworks… During the meetings, I can learn varieties of ideas and perspectives of illustrating. This is a great opportunity for me to advance my art skills.”

Students in the club can share their thoughts, feelings and emotions to their peers through their creations.