PNN Shifts Anchor for Second Semester


Annie Qiao

Freshman Jun Kim and sophomore Liz Moerman laugh as they relax during break; working together in both ASB and as co-anchors has strengthened their bond and friendship.

Annie Qiao and Simrat Singh

Student-run Portola News Network (PNN) underwent a major change as freshman Jun Kim replaced sophomore Sepehr Nourbakhsh as co-anchor alongside sophomore Liz Moerman at the beginning of second semester.

“Working with Jun is great because he has so much energy and passion for the job. He always comes to our set with a smile on his face,” show producer and sophomore Stephanie Tang said. “He’s been doing great, but there’s still so much he can learn with experience. I think there’s a lot of potential because he has great camera presence already.”

Kim’s respectfulness, passion and easy-going personality have all helped him fit in with the rest of advanced video production and eased the transition between anchors. Tang said she hopes that his genuine excitement and great camera presence will reflect in a happy audience as well.

“Liz is a really good friend, especially because we’re in ASB, and we’re always collaborating on the script,” Kim said. “It’s just really fun to do it with her especially, and the other advanced video production kids– I expected them to kind of be in their own head to do this, but they were really friendly to me, and now we just kind of strengthen that relationship.”

With Moerman, Kim works on creating the script for each show and rehearsing multiple times in order to get the perfect take for final production. He said he hopes to learn more about video production throughout the semester and decrease the amount of tries needed to film the perfect anchors’ segment.

“My first experience with him as anchor was that we first started working on scripts, and it was a really different experience from what I had because there were completely new jokes that we could work on, and there was more of a conversation in our anchor scripts, which was a lot of fun, and I love working with Jun,” Moerman said.

Outside of anchoring, Kim balances the responsibilities that come with being Pegasus house vice president in addition to swim and schoolwork. Kim has quickly struck up a budding friendship with many members of the advanced video production team like Moerman and Tang.

“I’m just looking forward to getting a better friendship with a lot of the video production kids because they seem really cool and nice,” Kim said. “A lot of people are coming up to me about PNN, so I get to meet more people that way and make more friends.”