Q&A with Famous Tik Tokers on Campus

Freshman Sidra Asif and senior Isabella Green each smile for their cameras in one of their popular videos on TikTok.

Ariana Wu, Staff Writer

Among the many TikTok celebrities that may consume your For You page content lie a few of Portola’s own bulldogs. Take a look into how their large followings on the popular app have influenced two students’ lives. 

Sidra Asif (Freshman)


Current follower count: 124,600

Current likes: 3 million

Q: When did you start TikTok?

A: I started TikTok during summer, like early August. I was originally supposed to go to Northwood where all my friends are, so I didn’t know if anyone [at Portola] would have my sense of humor or if anyone was like me since I have such a tight circle, and I’m kind of antisocial, but   TikTok gave me confidence because it made me think, ‘Huh maybe there are people like me and people who think that I’m funny,’ so [the app] really helped me make friends and come out of my shell.

Q: What kind of content do you make?

A: I make really weird content, like humor basically, but also satirical, so I try to make videos that don’t really make that much sense where I say something really dumb. Whenever I walk into a class and find something funny or I listen to a song on the radio and think of something funny, I just say it in my  TikToks.

Q: What video did you make that got you famous?

A: I made a video about Mike Pence, and it was a skit that got me a lot of attention at first, but it was kind of random, so it’s definitely not my favorite video of mine. It’s kind of like dark humor, but it takes something serious and makes it less serious. 

Q: What was your reaction to that video blowing up?

A: I was really happy because I always make dumb videos, and I don’t expect them to blow up but it’s really fun when they do because I get to read all the comments.

Q: What’s your favorite TikTok sound?

A: I don’t really like the sounds that much, but if I had to choose I like the Portuguese song [Opaul, Freddie Dredd]*. It’s super popular for some reason. It sounds super creepy, and it’s really catchy. 

Q: Who’s your favorite Tik Toker?

A: My favorite Tik Toker is Tyler Brash. He makes super cringe point of view videos, and he’s not trying to be funny, but I think his videos are really weird, so they make me laugh really hard even if they’re not supposed to.

Q: How has Tik Tok influenced your life?
A: I’ve met a lot of internet friends and some that live near me. Once we hung out, and it was really fun. People at school have come up to me and been like, ‘Oh I watch your Tik Toks,’ and we have a conversation about it, and most of the time [the conversation] ends really well.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking to get on the For You page?

A: Don’t just make dancing videos or something everyone else does. Just be yourself and record something different because it’s tiring seeing the same things over and over on the For You page. If you’re nervous about posting something that might be embarrassing that’s why [Tik Tok]’s there in the first place, and no one’s gonna think you’re weird, so just have fun.


Izzy  Green (Senior)


current follower count:110,700

Current likes: 1.4 million

Q:When did you start Tik Tok?

A: I started posting videos in October. My friend was on the app, and I saw that she was having a lot of fun making videos, so I wanted to give it a try

Q:What kind of content do you make?

A: I make really random videos, whether it’s my outfit, lip-syncing or me attempting to be funny.

Q:What video did you make that got you famous?

A: The video that brought a lot of people to my account was one about getting stitches on my forehead. I was really shocked and confused when my video blew up because it was literally just of stitches, which proved to me that random videos get famous.

Q: How has Tik Tok influenced your life?

A: Tik Tok really boosted my confidence because a lot of people were commenting on my first viral video that they liked the scar, which was something that I was actually really insecure about. Also, the video drove people to check my Instagram, and they saw my clothing account page (@evasive.styles), which gave me more customers. Also, I’ve met one sweet girl (@georgiagracefitz) who I’m planning on going to Melrose Ave. with this summer.

Q:What kind of Tik Toks do you like to watch? 

A: I only enjoy chaotic funny Tik Toks or ones with dark humor.

Q:Who’s your favorite Tik Toker?

A: I don’t really like any Tik Tok people because I feel like anyone well-known onTik Tok is extremely problematic. 

Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking to get on the For You page?

A: Make a video that will make people watch the whole video and want to leave a comment.