Rey The Force Be With You: Review of the ‘Last Jedi’


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

“The Last Jedi” is a highly anticipated movie that fans have been waiting for since 2015.

Nathan Oh, Staff Writer

Yes, the holiday season is coming to a close, but as importantly to fans, a new “Star Wars” movie is out. This time it is “Episode 8: The Last Jedi,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed “Episode 7: The Force Awakens,” which was released December two years ago. There is tremendous hype for “The Last Jedi,”  and it is safe to say that the expectation for a rich addition to the Star Wars franchise was realized.

“Writer-director Rian Johnson delivers a fine mix of character, storytelling, explosions and something to think about on the bus home,” according to the British daily newspaper The Guardian.

“The Force Awakens,” the prequel to the newly-released movie, ended with Rey handing off the lightsaber to a bearded and weary Luke Skywalker, who then proceeded to look at her in silence as the credits rolled. In the beginning of “The Last Jedi,” Luke Skywalker breaks his silence and surprises the entire audience with some unexpected words and actions that are sure to put everyone in the theater at the edge of their seats.

There was also a lot of humor in the Star Wars movie, which received a mixed reaction from fans. Such scenes signified a departure from traditional Star Wars movies, resulting in “The Last Jedi” being a controversial film.

“Every on-screen risk is cause for debate and dialogue, and with a massive box office, all signs point to the possibility of even greater departures down the line,” wrote Janelle Okwodu, a writer for Vogue Magazine.

One of the aspects of the plot that really stood out in “The Last Jedi” was the deep, rich characters of both the protagonists and the antagonist. Both Rey and Kylo Ren struggled with their beliefs in the Force, and they were both uncertain about whether or not they were fighting on the right side, which made the movie so much more interesting and realistic.

The movie broke away from the stereotypical good guy vs. bad guy storyline, with unexpected plot twists that put everyone in the theater at the edge of their seats. Both the heros and the villains had a rich depth to them that often lacks in action movies. The chemistry between Rey and Kylo also makes the movie entertaining as many encounters between them are thought-provoking and unexpectedly, humorous.

The latest edition to the Star Wars franchise is sure to please everyone in the audience with its rich story and dialogue that everyone will enjoy. Ranging from amazing visuals in space battles to deep dialogue between protagonist Rey and troubled villain Kylo Ren, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a cinematic masterpiece and a modern classic that is sure to be an enjoyable film to watch.