Say Hello to Boo-tiful Halloween Treats!


Julia Kim

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at Irvine Spectrum boasts Halloween-themed candy apples and marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

Julia Kim, Co-Editor-In-Chief

As fall’s presence slowly makes its appearance, the best way to celebrate Halloween is to enjoy the beautiful array of treats displayed on the walls.

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is one of the shops that has jumped into the holiday festivity early. A few of the snacks that have already been showcased include chocolate dipped marshmallows and chocolate truffles ornamented with bright colors to represent a Dia de Los Muertos skeleton.

There are also gift boxes of classic Halloween candies, such as a box of chocolate decorated as a coffin and labeled with “Happy Halloween! Look Inside for a Tasty Treat!”

Personally, I would recommend their “Halloween Pretzel,” a pretzel dipped in chocolate and topped with two pumpkin jellies to resemble eyes, and a long strip of jelly to resemble vampire teeth. If you have people to share treats with, I would also recommend their candy apples, offering selections ranging from skeletons to scary pumpkins.

The sweet flavor of the chocolate definitely compliments the savory pretzel or apple, depending on your selection. As the Halloween candy hype begins, open your eyes to the creative wonders that may surprise you!