Sliding into Spring Sports Pep Assembly


Ajinkya Rane

Principal John Pehrson and Superintendent Terry Walker help cut the ribbon at the Student Dedication Ceremony.

Julia Kim, Business Manager

Students attended the first pep assembly in the gym on Mar. 3 in celebration of spring sports season. The assembly started with a ribbon-cutting dedication by superintendent Terry Walker and featured the first dance team performance of the year.

“ASB planned the pep rally by creating a template of everything we had to do, then put it in an order we thought flowed the best,” athletics commissioner Gabi Taylor said. “The ribbon cutting at the beginning was done so all the students could celebrate the grand opening of our school.”

ASB members announced spring sports teams: track, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, swim, boys tennis, boys volleyball, golf and baseball. All teammates showed their team spirit and enthusiasm for the new season as they ran through a tunnel created by marching band and color guard.

“I thought that the pep rally was really great. Especially for this rally, there were many things that happened such as a lot of spring sports, games, the dance team, cheer team, and the marching band and color guard performing,” freshman Nicole Park said. “It was very fun and exciting to watch with friends.”

ASB informed students and staff of upcoming events and played games for house points with Hercules taking the win. The pep rally concluded with a performance from the cheer team and an announcement for the upcoming game of month.

“I am very happy about the outcome of the pep rally,” spirit and rally commissioner Liz Moerman said. “We were able to think of brand new ways to incorporate the audience and included as much student and teacher involvement as we could. It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had since I’ve started ASB, and I’m glad the students enjoyed it as well!”