Sophomore Receives Near-Perfect Score on SAT


Photo by Dylan Thakarar

Yu scored a 1570 on the SAT. He is one of the 4,962 students in the nation to achieve this score or higher

Dylan Thakarar

Sophomore Elliot Yu received a score of 1570 on the August Scholastic Aptitude Test examination. His score was in the 99th percentile of 1.67 million test takers this year, according to PrepScholar.

Students expressed astonishment by his amazing feat, as he achieved a near perfect score while taking the SAT earlier than his peers.

Sophomore Taira Asakura noted that, “Elliot had just started sophomore year when he took the test. Many students are in junior or senior year when they decide to take the test.”

Yu scored a 1570 by enrolling in Academy over the summer, which helped him focus and learn as much about the SAT as he possibly could.

“Academy was where I learned and met new people who helped me learn more and become better prepared for the test day,” Yu said.

Yu says it was a lot of work, but his work seems to have paid off.

“I studied eight hours every day. It was hard, but I persevered and eventually was satisfied with the end result,” Yu said.

Yu’s score had multiple students curious about how they can similarly get a high score. Several students have asked Yu how he achieved the score with the intention of doing as well as he did on the exam.

“[It was] pretty impressive to find out that Elliot scored a 1570 on the SAT as that is an amazing score, especially for a sophomore,” sophomore Alex Cherry said.

The SAT is a test taken among all high school students who hope to attend college.

“It was interesting to hear that Elliot got a 1570 on his SAT, as most students choose not to take their exam until junior or senior year,” freshman Andrew Tran said.