Storied Pasts and A New Cast: Stranger Things Season 2 Review


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For Thanksgiving Break, enter Hawkins, Indiana.

Priscilla Baek and Ajinkya Rane

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season one of “Stranger Things”! If you have not watched season one yet, do not read ahead.

If you are anything like the millions of viewers obsessing over Eggos and Eleven, then you were probably looking forward for the return of the Netflix hit show “Stranger Things” on Oct. 27. Season two picks up a year later on Halloween in Hawkins, Indiana following the original cast and their adjustment to the events from the previous season.

What makes “Stranger Things” a great show is its colorful characters, which season two excels at with character development and the implementation of new personalities such as Max (Sadie Sink) , Kali (Linnea Berthelsen) and Bob (Sean Astin). The Duffer Brothers, producers and directors of the show, introduce different character interactions compared to that of season one, such as Chief Hopper  and Eleven’s relationship, a main storyline this season.

“We recognized at the end of season one how powerful [Millie Brown and David Harbour] both were as actors. We knew putting them together would lead to something really exciting,” Ross Duffer said to The Hollywood Reporter.

Whether or not it stacked up against season one is hard to say. Personally, we think it is slightly inferior to season one just because of season two’s pacing. The first seven episodes of the season are definitely good but lag in the plotline and act more like building blocks to the finale episodes eight and nine. Despite the inconsistencies in pacing, season two sticks to the authenticity of its predecessor and does not fail to impress viewers.

If you already binge-watched season two and are impatient for more episodes, season three is confirmed by the Duffer Brothers and is predicted to come either late next year or early 2019. If you have not watched season two, make sure to watch it this Thanksgiving break!