Students Get Spirited for Five Days of Forthcoming


Junior Elias Tchapadarian tries to win a free Forthcoming ticket at the “Out of This World” balloon popping game. As an attempt to gain more student interest, ASB advertised a free Forthcoming ticket to one participant as an incentive, with junior Leonardo Pena winning the free ticket.

Helena Hu and Aneska Smith

With all three grade levels, ASB brought an even greater Spirit Week to campus from Oct. 1-4 with lunchtime activities and dress-up days. Students represented this year’s Forthcoming theme, “Lost In…”, by dressing up for different biomes Monday to Thursday, with students finally decking out in their house colors for the pep rally on Friday to show some school spirit for the Forthcoming game that night and the Forthcoming Dance on Saturday.

Lunchtime activities followed the house themes in order. Monday’s activity in honor of “Under the Sea” was a water balloon toss. Tuesday’s “Into the Jungle” ensued a ring toss with pool floaties. Wednesday’s “Stuck in the Snow” theme had a frozen t-shirt contest, and Thursday’s “Out of this World” brought a balloon popping activity ending with the prize of a free Forthcoming ticket.

“My favorite part of the week had to be the Frozen T-Shirt contest on Wednesday. Even though it was out by the outdoor amphitheater and not many people showed up, I think the people that showed up had a great time, and it was a really new and interesting activity that involved more people,” junior and president Jason Chen said. “Another highlight was the balloon pop game on Thursday. I think the way we set it up allowed many people to join in and participate, and with the incentive of a free FOCO ticket, many people lined up to take part in the game.”

With the addition of another class, Spirit Week has shown a great transformation in terms of participation among the student body as they show more support for the work ASB puts into creating an enjoyable Forthcoming week for everyone.

“I feel like especially people who are in teams should be more involved in school activities because ASB is trying so hard to make plans and activities for sports, so I just thought [dressing up] should be a great way for the sports people to give back to ASB,” junior Sketchy Sung said.

One goal that ASB strove to achieve this year during Spirit Week was to gain more student participation. They worked collaboratively to create unique lunchtime activities, as well as dress-up days that everyone could participate in.

“I think some goals were to do some new games that people haven’t really seen…We also wanted to make sure that more people dressed up, so the themes were a little bit easier to dress to, like dressing in black or dressing in blue,” sophomore and Orion house vice president Allyson Tabayoyong said.

A challenge with being a new school is that many involved with Spirit Week have little-to-no ASB experience, but they are able to experience first-hand how to run such a critical week in the school year in terms of student activities.

“I think we were all too scared to go full out and dress up on spirit weeks in our freshman year, especially because we were all freshmen and we didn’t have anyone to look up to,” junior and vice president Lauren Hwang said. “Now that we are juniors and see how much spirit and fun the other schools have, more students are willing to participate and enjoy spirit week instead of avoiding it. “