Students Shoot for the Stars at Hollywood-Themed Winter Formal


Photo Courtesy of Neha Sharma

Freshman Kaylee Seo pins a boutonniere on her formal date, Bryan Choi.

Annie Qiao and Stephanie Zhang

ASB hosted the Hollywood-themed inaugural winter formal on Mar. 4. Students gathered at the Discovery Science Center and danced in the newly-opened ballroom from 7 to 10 p.m.

“When [ASB] was choosing themes at the beginning of the year for Homecoming, we thought that Hollywood would be a very cool option. Unfortunately, we realized that we would have a [Decades-themed] spirit week,” spirit and rally commissioner Liz Moerman said. “However, we thought that for Winter Formal, with all of its glam and aura, Hollywood would be a very good theme.”

Unlike previous dances, which were held at the Student Union, ASB rented out two floors of the Discovery Science Center for Winter Formal.

“Since [Winter Formal] was at the Discovery Center, it had a little bit of the Discovery Science Center aspect of it,” ASB president Anthony Lu said. “The place that [ASB] had rented out includes little areas with science exhibits, so there are a few science exhibits that [students] can see during the dance and before the dance.”

Nearly half of the student body attended and danced all night with their friends and dates under the spotlights. They jumped wildly to deafening iconic pop hits and paired up during the more romantic and slower songs. Refreshments such as water, cookies and brownies were provided.

“[Winter Formal] went really well. I had a lot of fun and I think other people did too,” freshman Jimmy Kang said. “It was a lot better [compared to Forthcoming]. I had more friends, and [the venue] was a lot bigger.”

In addition to the powerful bass of the music, students enjoyed other scenes such as the dance moves of the supervising teachers and the miniature flash mob orchestrated by the dance group.

“I think Winter Formal went really well, and it was really fun hanging out and dancing with my friends. It went as expected, and I had a great time,” freshman Allison Shi said.

ASB will soon be working on an upcoming dance in spring. More information on the spring “informal” will be available in the future.

“We’re going to have a dance in May, probably mid-or-late May, and it’s going to be a casual dance at school. So, it will probably be like a jersey jam or a neon dance. It’ll be only a five-to-ten dollar welcome back dance,” ASB director Sarah Dean said.