Superb Study Spaces for Students


Charlotte Cao

During its hours of operation, Wall Writers Coffee is often filled to the brim with individuals studying or working. The large, white, modern tables make collaboration easy. 

With finals and AP exams starting, efficient places to study and work are important for students and teachers alike. Here is a list of study locations.


1) Heritage Park Library

14361 Yale Ave

As a large library situated adjacent to a community park, Heritage Park Library is an ideal location for attendees of all ages. The library itself includes plenty of seating, desks and computers with fast WiFi and low-cost printing. The community park located near the library features a curved pond with fountains and ducks. The serene surroundings are perfect for students to get some fresh air after a long day of studying.

“There are always people studying and working, so that atmosphere helps me focus,” sophomore Anshul Aravind said.


2) Sootha Coffee

4840 Irvine Blvd

With options ranging from hot coffee to iced tea to boba, there’s a drink for everyone at Sootha Coffee to fuel their studying endeavors. Located in Northwood Town Center, Sootha Coffee is just a trip down Irvine Blvd. for students living near Portola High. There is parking and seating right outside the front door under the shade of an overhead platform. While there isn’t as much seating as larger shops offer, the isolated round tables are perfect for students who want to work alone.


3) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

5653 Alton Pkwy

Located in the Oak Creek Shopping Center, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf may be a little far for many Portola High students. However, the store includes a variety of seating arrangements, including comfortable couches and tall, round tables. There are also plenty of chairs available directly outside the shop under a broad tree and umbrellas that provide shade. The menu boasts choices of coffee, tea, ice blended drinks and custom options.


4) Wall Writers Coffee

7755 Irvine Center Dr.

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked into Wall Writers Coffee was the diverse seating arrangement. The large tables make it easy to collaborate with others. There are wooden chairs to sit with friends outside and luxurious pillowed benches under the shade of a canopy of leaves. The menu offers classic coffee variants and additional options like hot chocolate, tea and a unique matcha ube latte. However, the location closes at 2:30 p.m. all days of the week, making it unavailable for students except on the weekends.