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Charlotte Cao

Charlotte Cao, Features Editor

Charlotte Cao is the Features Editor for her third and, unfortunately, final year on the Pilot. Whether it be through the co-writing of stories or during the frantic rush of print day, she cannot wait to make more memories with her fellow staff members, whom she loves more than Thai tea boba. If she is not busy conducting interviews or abusing the use of semicolons, she can most likely be found re-reading Ocean Vuong’s poetry or Everything I Never Told You; jamming out to her favorite music after midnight; or laughing softly after being mistaken for Claudia (again).

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DIY Shamrock Shake

March 17, 2022
According to instrumental music teacher Desmond Stevens, Portola High is the only school in IUSD to have its very own street piano but the music program would be more than happy to take any unwanted pianos off of another person’s hands.

Though instrumental music teacher Desmond Stevens does not play the piano by the theater, claiming he has “spatulas for hands,” he said he saw the value of leaving an instrument outside for the public. “We know that our student body has a lot of rich musical experience, whether or not they have the time in classes, so we wanted that opportunity for [the piano] to be open to anybody at any time,” Stevens said.

Meet Tyrolean

November 15, 2021
The scope of activism becomes limited when ideas are recycled, shutting off avenues to conflicting beliefs.

Escaping the Echo Chamber

December 16, 2020
Sophomore Ashley Kwon calls her dad, who just finished performing a surgery in Seoul, for their daily check-in via FaceTime.

Mini Love Stories

February 21, 2020
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