The Cast of ASB 2018-2019: Appointed Position Interviews

Junhee Ryu and Aaron Sha

ASB advisors, Sarah Dean and Emily Sheridan conducted interviews for next year’s appointed ASB positions throughout the final week of April, with the results released on May 18. Positions available included secretary, treasurer, audio and technology, and a variety of commissioners and liaisons.

“I was appointed the treasurer position,” sophomore Priscilla Hui said. “My motivation stems from the importance of the role of the treasurer in school, who is responsible for the monetary budget for ASB as well as keeping track of the flow of money for clubs. I feel that I am qualified for this job due to my experiences as treasurer last year and my passion for creating an enjoyable high school environment for my peers.”

The selection process of such positions significantly differed from the March Election Convention. The candidates for appointed positions moving on to the next rounds are decided upon entirely by the individuals they will be potentially collaborating with next year, such as the ASB advisers and current and future presidents, rather than voted upon by students.

“The process is quite tedious. We first start with an interest meeting that goes into the application process, which goes into the project round,” ASB adviser Sarah Dean said. “First round cuts are after the project round, and people who pass the project round get a five-minute interview.”

There were 70 candidates who applied, but only a handful were selected. Dean and her co-adviser for ASB Emily Sheridan, along with current ASB president Liz Moerman and future president Jason Chen, facilitated this process to determine which candidates are most compatible with which positions.

“I chose to go for audio and technology commissioner back in April because I feel like this is the one position I’m comfortable with,” sophomore Taira Asakura said. “Also, I like working for people, and I think I can do the most as an audio and technology commissioner.”

The interview, project and application were all vital parts to being selected for a position, and each of them was evaluated with an equal weight.