The Commons is Calling


Photo Courtesy of Pamela Quiros

Freshman Piper Porter checked out the first book from the Learning Commons.

With about a month of school already finished, many students have increased their use of the Learning Commons as they realize how to utilize this space for each of their individual academic needs.

The Learning Commons is located in between the 600 and 400 buildings and in immediate view when walking into school from the main office. It is run by Pamela Quiros, library media specialist, and Amanda Cramer, library media technician.

“I think the Learning Commons is a great place to come whether for the enjoyment of reading or to just have a nice place to study quietly,” freshman Matthew Nguyen said.

Quiros and Cramer have spent a great deal of time making sure that the Learning Commons accommodates all student needs. In fact, students have the ability to request different books that are not included in the selection at the Learning Commons.

“I am happy to go out and get books that are requested by students if they are school appropriate,” Quiros stated. “For example, students said that we didn’t have the new ‘Harry Potter’ book in the series, and I was able to go out and get it.”

There are not only books available for checkout but also Chromebooks that are ready to be used and tables with built-in charging stations. The Chromebooks are at students’ fingertips. All a student has to do is give Cramer a student ID, and she can lend the student one of the many Chromebooks.

“I like that there’s lots of seats and computer access,” said freshman Piper Porter, the first person to ever check out a book from the Learning Commons. “I like to use the Learning Commons for doing homework and as a comfortable place to read.”

Students are free to come by the Learning Commons anytime between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. while they are not in classes.