The First Freshman Representative is Elected to Office


Ki Joon Lee

Freshmen Natalie Ho and Joon Choi voted by watching one-minute campaign videos from each candidate and submitting a google form.

Ki Joon Lee, Marketing Manager

Freshman Amitoj Singh was elected the first freshman representative on Sept. 14 after a week of campaigning. He faced four other candidates: freshmen Ryne Dunman, Ari Feig, Michelle Kim and Kevin Lu. Singh has already joined the ASB class in order to speak for the school’s largest grade.

“The freshmen are less approaching towards juniors and sophomores because they are intimidating,” ASB president and junior Jason Chen, who was in charge of this election, said. “If [freshmen] have someone in their grade, they are more likely to voice their opinion, and that’s something that we can use as feedback.”