The Newest Member of the Team: Getting to Know Assistant Principal Jeffrey Hernandez

Hernandez’s all time favorite holiday is Halloween. He used to work for fun as a scarer at Knotts Scary Farm for eight years.

Dylan Vanek, Co-News Editor

At night, assistant principal Jeffrey Hernandez can be found at punk rock concerts, jamming along to his favorite childhood songs. In the day, however, he can be found in his office drinking a coke and supporting the students of Portola High.

“I moved over to Portola High School because it was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge,” Hernandez said. “I was super excited to be part of such a collaborative school!”

Hernandez moved from Irvine High, where he served as assistant principal for three years. He jumped at the opportunity to move to Portola High because he wanted to be part of developing a new school and establish a diverse student culture.

“I am stoked to be part of a new environment that is redefining itself every day,” Hernandez said. “I have been here a short time, but both the students and staff make it amazing to come and work at Portola every day.”

This year one thing Hernandez wants to do is to create a positive parking and driving culture. Since many students have obtained their licenses, the amount of student drivers parking on campus has increased. Since the contract that students must sign to obtain a parking permit lists several rules to keep the students safe, Hernandez is focused on enforcing these rules to establish a norm for parking at school.

In addition to his work in school, Mr. Hernandez has many different hobbies and interests that enjoys to participate in each year.

“I like to travel, be involved with watching and playing sports and attend as many concerts as I can,” Hernandez said. “I also like to spend as much time with my family as I can and take my dog down to the beach.”

Outside of school, Hernandez is an adamant sports fan who enjoys watching football, basketball, baseball and hockey. In addition to that, he is a big fan of the pop punk genre of music and enjoys to attend as many concerts as he can. He is also a big participant in Halloween and enjoys going to haunted houses each year with his family.

“Mr. Hernandez has a great sense of humor and loves to talk to students; everyone should take the time to welcome him and get to know him,” assistant principal Kris Linville said.