Top Holiday Tech Gift Ideas Under $30

Desktop Dual USB Charging Station with Dual Alarms by La Crosse Technology.

Ajinkya Rane and Jacob Kim

It may be hard to tell with the Southern California weather, but the holidays have finally arrived! Here are some interesting and affordable gifts to buy for your family and friends.

1. Alarm clock with USB ports ($20) 

This alarm clock by La Crosse Technology is a steal for its versatility and functionality. The convenient set-up and slender body pairs with the simple design to make a intriguing, modern gift for any early-rising parent or student. The vibrant clock and detailed weather interface will instantly replace any radiation-emitting phone alarm clock.

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2. Water Bottle Bluetooth Speaker ($29)

Bluetooth speakers are quite common nowadays, but they often take up a lot of space. The Re-Fuel waterproof speaker doubles as a water bottle for convenience. The 4-hour battery and tactile buttons will ensure your athletic friend’s listening experience is enjoyable and efficient.

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3. Smartphone Projector ($20)

Has your friend ever wanted to show you a video but found themselves crowded with people trying to see the screen? This portable, easy-to-use projector from The Hut will allow a classmate or parent to easily cast their screen onto a blank wall for pleasurable viewing.

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4. Floating Globe Desk Decoration ($20)

This electromagnet-supported globe will be sure to amaze your friends and family. The gadget is perfect for geography buff parents or anyone in need of a unique and modern desk piece. 

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5. Phone VR Headset ($13)

Virtual reality recently took the world by storm, but often times customers find most virtual reality headsets unattainable due to their high cost. However, this headset from ProHT is not only at an extremely economical price, but compatible with smartphones. Along with the countless compatible VR games and apps available on the app store, younger siblings or teenagers will enjoy the immersive and amazing experience that VR provides. 

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