Unlocking the Modern Artist Within

Modern art, a style that reflects 1860s-1970s cultural values, is a constant source of debate, with its detractors claiming that the form is overly simplistic. With this in mind, we set out to see how hard modern art really was and if we could leave school to become full-time artists.

Modern art is defined by three features: a rejection of conservative values, experimentation with form and emphasis on the materials, according to the Tate Modern Art Collective. 

The form is controversial to some, with an article from the Huffington Post saying, “There have been many times when, faced with a light bulb hanging from a wire from a ceiling, or a blank canvas with only a black line drawn it, I’ve thought, ‘I could totally have done that.’” 

Armed with this knowledge, great deals from Cyber Monday and an enthusiasm to put paint to canvas, we set out to create our own stunning masterpieces. 

We found the process to be enjoyable and relaxing as we channeled our inner kindergarteners, playing with colors, brush strokes and design. We all had different approaches to painting: one of us splashed paint on the canvas, one used the actual bottle to drop paint on the canvas, and the third mixed all the paints together to create the ultimate color. 

The hardest step for us was to let loose. Given that you can draw or splash anything you want, the outcomes are endless, and the only obstacle is yourself. We were hesitant to start, but once we did, we didn’t realize how much time was going by. 

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of artistic thinking goes into creating modern art. For example, if you are planning on splashing different-colored paints, you want to be selective with what color paint you will be using and how many colors you will use, because we found that using too many colors will result in more of a mess than a work of art.

So to answer the ultimate question: no, modern art is not difficult. We all enjoyed the process and achieved differing levels of success. One of the three turned into something resembling art, and one of us was inspired to continue painting as a hobby. But how hard is it to be a successful modern artist? Well, that is definitely difficult.