What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?


Photo Courtesy of Nacnud

Enjoy your sugar-filled holiday with candy and love from friends and family.

To be honest, Valentine’s Day has never really been a big holiday for me. In elementary, we had to make Valentines for every kid in class, and the highlight of the day for me was when I got to collect all the candy. I don’t really think there’s anything special I do for Valentine’s Day. I definitely have to say that, as a kid, my favorite candies that I got from Valentine’s Day cards were the sugar hearts, but I think that I am more into any types of gummy candies.

— sophomore Jason Chen

Valentine’s Day is just another fun holiday to me. Similar to Halloween I guess, it’s fun and lighthearted and doesn’t really mean anything. I eat candy and take pictures because Valentine’s decorations are always super cute, and I like Haribo Gummy Bears even if it’s not Valentine’s-related because it’s hands down the best candy ever.

— freshman Jenny Won

Pretty much Valentine’s Day is just like a day to get lots of sugar, and it’s great because I can just eat and that’s pretty much it. My favorite candy is fruit roll-ups.

— freshman Ethan Chin

To me, Valentine’s Day means being able to show how much someone means to you by getting them a cute note or sweets, and it doesn’t even need to be like relationships between two significant others; it can even be friends. During Valentine’s Day, I usually get chocolate with a small note attached to it and give it to the people that are a big part of my life and mean a lot to me. My favorite candy is Jolly Ranchers or Airheads!

— sophomore Chris Choung

I just hang out with my friends, giving them candy and enjoying all the sugar. My favorite candy is Starburst.

— freshman Elizabeth Nguyen

Valentine’s Day is just a day to appreciate the people that you love and are grateful for in life. On Valentine’s Day, I say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to most of my friends, and I give a present that I had bought to both of my parents. Personally, my favorite candy has always been Sour Patch Kids.

— sophomore Shawn Lee