Why DC is Better Than Marvel

Austin Khong, Staff Writer

Since the start of comic popularity, there has been a debate over two comic companies: DC versus Marvel.  Out of everything that makes these two great, DC Comics is better than Marvel.

Marvel Comics, founded in 1939, is the maker of classic characters such as Captain America, Ironman, and jokester Deadpool breaking the fourth wall. DC comics, founded in 1943, is the creator of other iconic superheros, such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Comparing stories such as the new 52 Flash series or Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, both are great works of art made by their respective companies. However each company does some certain aspects better than the other, such as DC’s eye for the smallest details, and flushes out their characters to nearly every event in their lives and how it affects them. DC Comics shows more than the simple good vs evil; DC brings dark themes of hidden evils and corruption in people and society.

Marvel Comics has a theme of good guys against bad guys, Captain America vs Red Skull.  Writing with this theme for so long, it is hard to broaden their options, but there are some exceptions, such as Deadpool. Deadpool a mercenary/vigilante with an attitude of doing whatever he wants. Also, as the comic relief of Marvel, it is common for Deadpool to break logic by looking at the next page and talking to the readers.

When it comes to movies, however,  Marvel is commonly said to be better, with hits such as “Captain America”, the “Iron Man” trilogy, recent “Thor: Ragnarok,” and many more totalling to currently 17 movies with more to come.  Yet with the rise of DC movies such as Wonder Woman and Justice League it is unclear who is going to be on top in the coming years.

Even if Marvel makes good movies, DC is far superior at making comics.   Marvel may even fall under if DC’s upcoming movies are better.  So in the end, DC Comics is better then Marvel.