Winter Formal Reaches Highest Dance Attendance in School History


Photo Courtesy of Yearbook

Sophomore Natalie Ng dances to hip hop music at the Fete. Over 500 students attended the dance, making it the most attended dance in school history.

Jordan Lee, Front Page Editor

Winter Formal was on Jan. 26 at the Fete in Costa Mesa. Themed “Starry Night,” this year’s dance had the most attendees, attracting students from all grades and houses.

“We sold over 500 tickets, which is the highest attendance we’ve had at a school dance,” ASB co-advisor Sarah Dean said. “I’m very pleased with the turnout and the vendors.”

The event was planned by ASB, who aimed to improve upon last year’s Winter Formal at the Marconi Automotive Museum. The venue included a full service drink bar, photo booth, improved lighting and speakers and a streamlined coat check-in system.

“Winter Formal was a huge success because of how well we planned it,” student activities coordinator and junior Karly Hopper said. “A lot of effort went into ironing out the minor details, and I think the planning really paid off.”

One reason for the dance’s success was the increased involvement and input from students themselves, Hopper reported. The “Starry Night” theme tied into the open air and cool atmosphere of the Fete and provided an elegant and bright feel to the dance.

“We created a Google form to poll the student body, and I think it led to a better overall reception of the dance theme,” Hopper said.

The culmination of planning, student input and improved aesthetics provided was reflected in the colorful lighting, crepe and coffee truck and mix of modern and classic music at the venue.

“This was my first winter formal, but I was still impressed with the decorations and the venue,” freshman Britney Vuong said. “I’m excited to see what the future holds in terms of school dances.”