Spring Dance Concert Breaks Ground for Dance Program


Photo Courtesy of Aneska Smith

A small group of dancers consisting of sophomores Miranda Wang, Julia Kim, Frances Ning and Paris Zhuang and freshmen Eric Hao and Kate Dang and complete their routine inspired by the official music video for the hit K-pop song “Mic Drop” by BTS. As the theater fades to black, Dang ends the performance by dropping a microphone, imitating the iconic final move that gives the song its title.

Annie Qiao, Co-Editor-in-Chief

All eyes are drawn to the graceful, synchronized dancers contoured by colorful stage lighting and the darkness of the theater. Each dazzling flash of movement with the pulse of the music has the crowd breathless and eager for more.

Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance Company and various guest performers brought the theater to life March 15-16 in the annual spring dance concert titled “Breaking Ground.” Solos, duets, small groups and entire classes displayed difficult choreography and hard work that dancers have been tirelessly putting in since January.

“During the dance, it went by so fast I was really trying to appreciate the moment, and I was really happy when I was dancing,” Dance 1 member and sophomore Faith Nguyen said.

With the theater packed to the brim, hundreds of students, parents and community members attended to support over a hundred performers dancing to songs ranging from K-pop singles to traditional Indian music.

Basked by a warm glow of pinks and purples, freshman Tiara Quidachay’s confident footwork and elegant spins left the audience attentive to each leap and twirl in her solo performance to Kelly Clarkson’s song “Piece by Piece.” Earlier, Nguyen and her partner freshman Rishav Sen engaged in a fast-paced conversation of movement in their dynamic duet to “Kinesthetic.”

Whether it was hip-hop or contemporary styles of dance, the audience was ecstatic for all performers, sprinkling performances with bursts of applause and cheering.

“Before every show, it’s always really nerve-wracking; you’re like, ‘oh, what if I mess up,’ or ‘oh, there’s so many people watching,’” Dance Company member and freshman Ashley Presnell said. “In the end, when you’re dancing on stage, it’s just like being in the music and in the moment.”

In addition to the concert, an art gallery in the lobby, created by art teacher Kearci Moir, showcased and displayed student-made artwork to recognize dancers who participate in both visual and performing arts.

“[The most rewarding part] is definitely seeing my students having a boost in their confidence,” dance instructor Samantha Gardner said. “I love seeing my students be proud of the work that they’ve done. I love seeing them bond with each other through dance and just be able to have an experience that unites a lot of different students together.”