A Thrifting Guide to Finding Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, why not thrift the perfect costume? Here are some tips on how to thrift for the Halloween season:

Step 1: Find a Thrift Store Near You

The first thing to do when going thrifting is to find a store by searching online for ones near you. Stores can be anything from your local Goodwill to independent businesses. Check reviews and pictures from each place to narrow down your options. The best time to go depends on each store, but right when it opens on weekends will do the trick. As for specifics near Irvine, Goodwill and OC Mystery Box are always go-tos. 

Step 2: Come Prepared

Thrifting in general can be a hassle, but thrifting for specific pieces can be even harder. When shopping for Halloween, come prepared with inspiration by making a Pinterest board with statement pieces that go with your costume choices. While searching around for hours can be fun, having an idea in mind, such as a fairy, cat or fictional character, can make the process go faster.

Take some extra safety precautions while thrifting during COVID. Bring a reusable bag for your items and have hand sanitizer ready. Wear a mask, and if you want to be even more prepared, wear gloves. 

Step 3: Find Statement Pieces

Before walking into the store, get ready with some headphones and a classic Halloween playlist. Think about what part of your costume you want to stand out: funky shoes, cool tops, unique pants or anything fun that can be incorporated into your outfit. Head straight to that section and build from there. If nothing stands out, move onto another section.

Sometimes, finding unique pieces in a thrift store is difficult, so here are some tips to combat this:

  1. Look in different clothing/gender sections
  2. Search by color 
  3. Look for textures 
  4. Put anything you find interesting in your cart

Step 4: Final Decisions

After roaming the store, find a secluded place to make final decisions. Check all the items in your cart and see which ones would work together to perfect your Halloween costume. After choosing the outfit, get in line and celebrate your Halloween findings.