ASB Digs Kamdyn Tenorio as September’s Athlete of the Month


Annie Qiao

During the team’s serve-and-receive drill, sophomore Kamdyn Tenorio prepares to dig the serve from the other team. This recieve was part of a practice game in which all players worked on their receiving, serving and most importantly, aiming when going on the offensive attack.

Annie Qiao and Tiffany Wu

The command “Four, four, four!” rings in the air as sophomore Kamdyn Tenorio, September’s Athlete of the Month, shifts her weight to her toes, winding up in preparation to attack her approach.

As one of the top outside hitters, the varsity girls’ volleyball team relies on Tenorio to consistently get kills, or unreturned attacks, during matches. Tenorio takes on this responsibility with an unrivalled focus and dedication, bringing wisdom and a “do, not say” mentality to the court.

“Her serve has really catapulted us in some really tough situations. Yesterday, in fact, we were down to Northwood 14-9, and she went back to serve, and we needed her to jump serve, which she doesn’t always do. We kind of save it when we need a spark, and she served five consecutive volleyballs to get us to 14-all,” coach Eric Graham said. “And, you know, that’s the difference with Kam. Kam can change a game for us.”

In addition to serving, Tenorio is a consistent passer and an exceptional hitter. Her six-year experience as a top tier club player at T-Street Volleyball Club provides her with the ability to embrace stressful situations on the court and, in turn, build her teammates up mentally and support them physically.

“Kamdyn’s a really good player because regardless of where the ball is or what her position is on the team, she will always be there,” captain and junior Lexi Teats said. “So, if someone can’t get the ball, she’ll run across the court to grab that ball. She does more than is expected.”

Outside of volleyball, Tenorio’s character is also admirable; she exhibits P.R.I.D.E values around campus, enjoys listening to old-school music with her teammates and spends time with her family. Her sense of humor and humility as a player translate across all aspects of her life.

“The sport is just so fun,” Tenorio said. “There’s so many different components and skills to the game. It’s always fun.”