Assembly Draws Fine Arts Week to a Close


Photo Courtesy of Crystal Le

The saxaphones perform “Hay Burner” at the assembly accompanied by guitarist and sophomore Larry Wu.

Jane Zou and Lauren Kettner

Concluding Fine Arts Week on March 23, the Fine Arts Assembly celebrated all styles of artists on campus. Half the student body packed the theater in each of the two staggered assemblies.

First to address the students was visual and performing arts department chair Desmond Stevens. Then, fine arts co-chair and sophomore Sunny Song introduced orchestra.

“[Orchestra] was very professional: they got there on time, they played to the best of their ability, and to have to perform two shows back to back can be very difficult,” Stevens said.

Next was jazz band, who performed “Hay Burner” by Sammy Nestico.

The assembly transitioned to a slideshow of art pieces displayed in the Student Union that week. Next was a Portola News Network (PNN) compilation featuring teachers, students and events.

PNN featured a timeline with clips and work from video production students’ individual projects.

The screen ascended as Song and fine arts co-chair and sophomore Nicholas Hung introduced the Dance Two Class, who performed “Out of Formation,” guest-choreographed by Ashley Allen.

Dance teacher Samantha Gardner thanked everyone for attending the “Breaking Ground” concert on March 15-16. She motioned for Halo club dancers to perform their self-choreographed piece, “Youth.”

“It was really nice to have the assembly in a different venue than the gym,” Gardner said. “I feel like it really highlights our artists at Portola High School in a different way than the gym is able to.”

The cast of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” performed a scene from the musical, including freshman Rachel Abalos singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

Last to perform was choir, conducted by choir and guitar teacher Adrian Rangel-Sanchez. Pairs of students, one male and female, sang solos while choir sang the chorus of “Oye!” by Jim Papoulis.

“The Fine Arts Assembly was a great opportunity for our students to showcase everything that they’ve been working on this year, across the entire department,” Stevens said. “I think all the performers did a great job of showcasing the best of their abilities in both assemblies.”