‘Black Panther’: A Cutting Edge Movie


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Black Panther, a highly anticipated movie featuring a black superhero as its main character for the first time in movie history.

Nathan Oh, Staff Writer

“Black Panther,” a movie that has been highly anticipated since the release of the blockbuster “Captain America: Civil War” (2016), is finally here and has met high expectations.

The movie’s plot consists of a conflict between T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), known as Black Panther, and Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), who threatens to take away T’Challa’s throne. Besides incorporating amazing visual effects and fight scenes, “Black Panther” addresses many contemporary issues surrounding the treatment of black people in America through the words and actions of its two main characters, T’Challa, played by Boseman, and Killmonger, played by Jordan.

As Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair said, “Jordan tears into the role, complicating all the character’s evildoing with an aching pathos.”

Complex characters such as Killmonger make “Black Panther” an enjoyable movie for viewers as the audience is able to sympathize with both the hero and the villain. The depth of the characters is captivating, and as a result, causes the movie to break out of the mold of the stereotypical superhero movie.

The movie does not shy away from racial issues, such as slavery, which has plagued America for most of its history. Issues revolving around mistreatment of blacks in America is the center of the argument between T’Challa, who supports Wakanda’s traditional isolationism, and Killmonger, who thinks that Wakanda should use its power and resources to overthrow the U.S. government.

Killmonger proves to be a formidable enemy for King T’Challa, who has to fight to protect his throne while addressing the thought-provoking questions of his enemies, which address Wakanda’s isolationist policies towards foreign nations.

By addressing racial issues, “Black Panther” makes itself feel realistic and a part of the world despite being a fictional movie.

Besides being an all-black cast, the cast of “Black Panther” is also largely composed of women who play characters who support T’Challa, and some even fight with him in battles against Killmonger. This cinematic choice to make most of the women in the cast portray warriors is very unusual in most superhero movies with the exception of “Wonder Woman”.This is significant because it allows the movie to represent not just men but women also, as the heroes are not just a group of men but a diverse group of men and women.

For most of America’s history, blacks have been oppressed by the majority and they have often been the target of many racist attacks and prejudice. “Black Panther” marks an important step in the journey towards racial equality because for the first time in mainstream American culture, a black man is in a superhero movie not as a sidekick, or as a criminal, but as a full-fledged hero who is brave and strong enough to save everyone he loves. That alone makes “Black Panther” a very important movie for not just blacks but for all humans and that is well worth your money.