Boys’ Basketball Hits the Hardwood for Varsity Season


Courtesy of Brian Smith

Boys’ Basketball lifts in the weight room during off season practice. The team worked hard over summer, coming to school early in the morning in anticipation for the season

Maryam Shama and Jordan Lee

The boys’ basketball (5-4) season officially started at the beginning of November, and the team has worked hard since the previous season in preparation for its first year playing varsity. Over summer the team hosted and participated in a tournament, attended many practices and took a weekend trip to University of California, San Diego. During off season, the team lifted in the weight room multiple times a week, practiced during seventh period and participated in a fall league.

“Through off season we as players become stronger both physically and mentally. It helps prepare us for the season to come,” junior Justin Tam said. “We gain off course skill in the game but also confidence in what we do as an individual and as a team.”

The extra practices present team members with an opportunity to hone their skills, run new plays and improve team chemistry. To some players, it is one of the most important aspects in boosting performance.

“Off season is especially important because we can practice everything without the pressure of winning games,” junior and co-captain Jeffrey Chen said. “Our schedule is more flexible, and we can work on individual skills that we might not have time developing during the regular season.”

As with many other sports, the competition level rises, and so do an athletes’ needs to refine their training and push himself to their physical limits. This increased competition level also demands players work as a single cohesive unit.

“Physically, I’ve added muscle from the weight room and continuous practice, and skill wise I have become a better shooter and ball handler from participating in off season,” Chen said. “I’ve gained a more team-oriented mindset and trust capabilities. As co-team-captain, I have to be able to trust all of my teammates on defense and offense and anything team related in general, and this learning process takes place in offseason and during the regular season.”

Whether it be playing in full day tournaments or traveling together on long bus rides to and from opponent’s gyms, the team has developed a special connection with one another, which has encouraged growth both on and off the court.

“Our team is closer as a unit and has a good family atmosphere. We have a lot of fun in practice, while competing to make each other better,” coach Brian Smith said. “They are more experienced, have a stronger bond with each other and have bought into the coaching staff’s philosophies.”