Boys’ Basketball Makes it to Second Round of CIF


Photo by Aneska Smith

Junior and point guard Robert Giraldy prepares to take a free throw in hopes of decreasing Moorpark High’s lead in the third quarter.

Annie Qiao, Aneska Smith, and Tiffany Wu

This season, boys’ basketball (15-15) made it to CIF in its first qualifying year, but fell short 50-65 in the second round of playoffs against Moorpark High on Feb. 12, which marked the end of the season. Students, staff and parents filled the bleachers in the gym as they watched the game unfold.

Early in the first quarter, the Moorpark Musketeers had a strong start, with the Bulldogs trailing 0-6. At the end of the third quarter, small forward and junior Soma Doherty made a full-court buzzer beater that brought the team to 36-41, leading to wild cheers from the bleachers and a boost in morale before entering the final quarter.

While the Bulldogs started off strong in the fourth quarter, Moorpark High quickly pulled ahead by over 10 points for the rest of the game, scoring 24 points to the Bulldogs’ 14. Although they suffered a tough defeat against Moorpark High, the players greeted the spectators after shaking hands with their opponents, bringing their season to an end.