Boys’ Lacrosse Highlights Last Home Game With 11-1 Win

Ki Joon Lee, Copy Editor

JV boys’ lacrosse (9-11) dominated El Modena High 11-1 in its Game of the Month on May 2, boasting its drastic improvement from last year’s season. The team’s last home game was filled with excitement from the small but spirited audience and energetic teammates encouraging each other.

“Especially with the Game of the Month at the very end, we literally showed the school on our home field with everyone attending that we really did improve with our 11-1 win,” boys’ athletics commissioner and midfielder Mustafa Hassan said.

Making use of the large score gap, the team allowed all players to have playing time. Captain and sophomore Elias Tchapadarian, who usually plays defense, scored his first personal goal of the season, receiving loud applause from his amazed teammates. Attacker and sophomore Kellen Howard scored three goals, two of which were accurate mid-range shots.

“I think everybody played really well, and we all worked as a team,” Tchapadarian said. “Everybody was rotating, and everybody got to play. It was a fun environment and a good win.”

The boys’ superior performance is not surprising, considering the achievements the team has gained over the past season, including the Irvine City JV Champion title. In addition, the team achieved victory against the Northwood High Timberwolves, asserting its dominance in the rivalry. The team is already ambitiously waiting for next season’s varsity league.

“I plan to have an intensive off-season program heading into next year as we are becoming a varsity team,” head coach Tucker Page said. “We are always taking the next step to being a better team.”