Boys’ Tennis Slides Past Vaqueros for First League Win


Jordan Lee

Freshman AJ Moore leaps into the air during his serve against Irvine High’s first ranked player. Moore won the match 6-3 and placed third individually at the Pacific Coast League Finals on April 24.

Helena Hu and Jordan Lee

After an eight-game losing streak, boys’ tennis (8-8) had its first-ever league win against Irvine High 11-7 at the Game of the Week on April 16. The boys had a strong start to the match, leading the Vaqueros 5-1 after the first round, and they were able to keep their lead by tying 3-3 for both rounds two and three.

“I would say my plays have definitely been better than last season. Sometimes results don’t come, but it’s fine as long as I keep on fighting and don’t give up,” sophomore Prayag Ahire said. “Since we do come up against pretty tough schools, if we’re all just fighting, you can’t really ask for more.”

As all of the other boys’ tennis teams in the Pacific Coast League are in CIF Division 1, the match proved to be tough for the Bulldogs, who are currently placed in Division 3. However, the starting lineup was able to push through.

Most notably, freshman and starting number one singles player AJ Moore swept all three of his sets, including beating Irvine High’s number one player and current league champion, junior Daniel Wei, 6-3.

“I just think it’s cool that I’m able to play in league at the highest high school level, and I’m even able to compete with people who are better than I am and possibly be able to beat them,” Moore said. “I’m happy with my performance for sure; I was playing seniors, and they’re older, they’re stronger, and it was a hard play.”

Although the team did not perform well enough in league matches to be considered for CIF playoffs this season, their first-ever varsity season was able to give them a taste of the fierce competition within PCL.

“I think we have an uphill battle. We are in a league that is all D-1. We have Uni that has been the CIF Champs for lots of years. So we are battling some hard teams that are well established in the community,” boys’ tennis coach Natasha Schottland said. “That being said, I think going out on Tuesday against Irvine was a good boost of moral going into league: we needed a win.”