Bulldogs Slam Saddleback Valley Christian High


Photo Courtesy of Jenna Chinn

#12 quarterback and sophomore Brandon Yue makes a pass to one of his teammates while the Saddleback Warriors attempt to stop the Bulldogs.

Priscilla Baek and Annie Qiao

Junior varsity football defeated Saddleback Valley Christian High 42-6 at the annual Forthcoming game on Oct. 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. The stands were packed with students and parents alike.

“We treat the Forthcoming game like every other game. I hate to think any one game is more important than others. They’re all important to us,” head coach Peter Abe said. “We are approaching it with the same mentality and focus that we use to treat all of our games, emphasizing our pedigree values.”

The Bulldogs started off strong with #12 quarterback and sophomore Brandon Yue scoring the first touchdown of the night within 10 minutes of kickoff. Following the momentum, the Bulldogs continued to score touchdown after touchdown. Five out of the six touchdowns were made in the first half of the game, bringing the score to 35-0 by the end of the second quarter.

“I feel like I was a leader and kept the team in line and focused on what our goal was,” #24 JV team captain and sophomore Kai Horn said. “We were really team-oriented, and we didn’t worry about anything the other team was doing.”

Notable saves were made by #27 defensive back and sophomore Kayden Lea and #34 running back and sophomore Jovon Smith as they tackled Saddleback Warriors, preventing them from breaking away to the end zone.

An additional important play was #11 wide receiver and sophomore Kaveh Wojtowich’s run across half of the football field before scoring a touchdown. In the last three minutes of the game, Saddleback Valley High slipped past the Bulldog’s defense, scoring the team’s first touchdown and ending the game 42-6.

“My thought of the game was that despite all the distractions we had that week, we were able to focus, execute and do our job, which led to a good result for the Bulldogs,” defensive coach Nate Williams said. “I thought that other players stepped up and lived up to the expectations of the pedigree. There in the game was a moment or two where our backs were against the wall, and we responded.”