Choir: The Forte Of Fine Arts Week


Photo Courtesy of Amanda Cramer

Sophomore Roham Ghiasi radiates pure joy as he conducts the choir during the lunchtime activity.

Aaron Sha, Staff Writer

The choir’s unique performance during the fourth day of Fine Arts Week captivated students and teachers alike. The less-than-optimal weather conditions did not deter the choir from filling the Student Union with joy during lunch on March 22.

An interactive touch was added to this performance, which not only demonstrated choir’s vocal expertise, but also incorporated members of the school community.

“So there’s going to be a stand with a conductor’s baton, and the choir’s just going to stand there until someone walks by and picks up the baton and starts waving their arm, and the choir will start singing,” visual and performing arts teacher Adrian Rangel-Sanchez said. “So it’s supposed to be a more interactive thing as opposed to just a performance, so that people walking by can come up and try, and it’ll be more fun for everybody.”

During the 20-minute activity, interested passersby took up the baton with their own colorful and unique methods of conducting. The members of the choir followed every motion of the conductors, adjusting vibrations of their vocal chords according to each hand motion while keeping the tune of “Sihamba,” an African folk song choir that learned exclusively for this occasion.

“I hope this experience is fun for the choir, because it’s fun to interact with different people, and I hope it opens up the perspectives of people who come and participate, and that they get to interact with the choir in a way that they maybe have never done before,” Rangel said.