‘Cinderella’ is the Perfect Fit for the Spring Musical


Photo Courtesy of Adrian Rangel-Sanchez

Choir director Adrian Rangel-Sanchez said he expects the difficulty level of the ‘Cinderella’ musical to challenge participants in similar ways as ‘The Addams Family’ with big numbers, extensive choreography and strong ensemble involvement.

Tiffany Wu, Co-News Editor

When the clock ticked 9:24 a.m. on Oct. 31, a princess clad in blue, her fairy godmother, her wicked stepmother, two Prince Charmings, one pumpkin carriage, one blind mouse and one missing glass slipper revealed the spring musical: ‘Cinderella.’

“We picked this show because it’s a really, really fun show that a lot of people already know,” choir director Adrian Rangel-Sanchez said. “We feel that we have a really strong cast this year, and ‘Cinderella’ is a show that requires really strong leads and ensemble, dance-wise and vocally.”

Contrary to the dark comedy of last year’s “The Addams Family,” ‘Cinderella’ will feature a happy story in a bright, family-friendly format with energetic, captivating music and eye-catching, dramatic light and smoke effects.

“Within the music, I really love the ensemble numbers,” Rangel said. “I think that there’s some really good harmonies, and the vocals are really fun. I also think that the special effects of the show, like the dress transformation and the magic carriage, are going to be really fun once we start putting those together.”

The musical will run from March 5-7, with auditions Nov. 18-22 and callbacks on Nov. 23. All audition information can be found at tinyurl.com/Folderella.