Confection Perfection: The Sweet Combo of Honey and Butter

Honey and Butter boast their whimsical creatures throughout the store, only to be enjoyed by their customers.

Ava Caleca, Staff Writer

Honey and Butter is a bakery at the Irvine Spectrum, located in between Old Navy and Sketchers. While there are many shops in Irvine that sell baked goods, Honey and Butter’s unique flavors and designs set it apart from the rest.

Honey and Butter specializes in macarons. Customers can purchase either a regular macaron or a macaron ice cream sandwich.

They also sell “creatures,” which are iconic characters from various television shows and movies. Their creatures range from famous cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants to everyday television stars such as Eleven from “Stranger Things.” These macarons are what set Honey and Butter higher than any other macaron shop.

For my experience, I knew that I would have to really commit to getting as many of the “creatures” as possible. These desserts are displayed every day at 12:00 pm, and they sell out quickly. Expecting to see a line out the door, I was pleasantly surprised that by 12:30 there was no line with plenty of macaron characters still available.

During my visit, I instantly noticed Piglet from the Disney movie franchise “Winnie the Pooh” in macaron form. Other available designs were animals such as a panda, a polar bear, a corgi and a bee. The flavors change all the time, but many tasted like berries. The corgi macaron had a chocolate flavor while the panda was fruity pebbles.

This shop also features classic macarons with creative and unique flavors. My favorite was the French Toast Crunch. The combination of cinnamon and crunchy tiny toast decorations on top did not disappoint my taste buds. I happen to love cinnamon, and each bite tastes like a sweet cinnamon roll. In many ways, it reminded me of the breakfast cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch with its crisp fragments baked on the inside.

A fruity pebbles macaron mixed the flavors of cherry, lime and lemon for a citrus-berry taste. These cereal macarons left me longing for a glass of milk. You can find these two macarons every day along with other flavors like “churro,” “nutella” and “oreo.”

The moment you walk through the front door, you are transported to a childhood fantasy. There is a display of “Tsum-Tsums,” the popular Disney toys for kids, along with other knick knacks and collectibles available for purchase. The combination of decorations and desserts proves that there is something for kids and adults alike. By combining these two elements into their macarons, Honey and Butter created an edible toy you’ll want to “Instagram” and then devour.

The creatures range from $3 to $4 each. A single, non- creature macaron will run you $2. The macarons seem small for the price, but the taste more than makes up for it. If you love macarons as much as I do, and this article makes you hungry, I definitely recommend stopping by Honey and Butter the next time you are shopping at the Irvine Spectrum.