Daylight Saving Might Happen Year-Round


Graphic by William Hsieh

59.8% of people voted for approving Prop. 7, while 40.2% voted against.

William Hsieh, Director of Photography

California Proposition 7, the Permanent Daylight Saving Time Measure, was approved with 59.8% of voters in favor on Nov. 6. Prop. 7 will establish year-round daylight saving time starting in March.

Some medical researchers claim the biannual time change is hazardous to people’s health and productivity.

“We started this practice to conserve energy during wartime, but studies show that this is no longer the case,” California State Assemblymember Kansen Chu said on Ballotpedia. “We are no longer saving energy, and studies have shown this practice increases risk of heart attacks, traffic accidents and crimes… [it is an] outdated practice of switching our clocks in the fall and spring.”

Proposition 7 will require a two-thirds majority vote next year by the Legislature before the proposition will be implemented. While around 60 percent of voters are in favor of the change, there are others who are opposed.

“It’s fixing something that is not broken. Our society has acculturated itself to Daylight Saving Time,” said Senator Jim Nielsen. “I think it would create too much confusion to change it again.”

If it passes Legislature in the following year, the proposition will establish year-round daylight saving time, meaning people will never have to switch their clocks.