Falling for the Autumn Pep Rally


Photo by Anthony Chan

Cheerleaders Leyna Liu, Vivian Lin, Jessalyn Nguyen, Mary Lu, Ryan Aguilar and Yarden Gilat hit the mark in their final formation.

Anthony Chan, Staff Writer

Students gathered in the gym on Oct. 6 to watch ASB promote fall sports and the Forthcoming dance during the fall pep rally. The dance team performed after students filled the stands and sat with their designated house. The rally started with the performance of the Star Spangled Banner, sung by freshman Rachel Abalos.

“We really want people to get hyped and celebrate what’s happened this season,” ASB president and sophomore Liz Moerman said. “I really want us to be engaged and get ready for a really fun Forthcoming weekend.”

The rally featured this year’s fall sports: girls’ tennis, boys’ water polo, girls’ volleyball, cross country, girls’ golf, cheer and football. Games between houses and sports were held, with Poseidon winning the student game, Pegasus winning the staff game and girls’ volleyball winning the sports game. Each game featured special challenges that got members to move and the audience to cheer.

“I thought it was fun how they had all the sports and students run under the flags,” water polo center player and sophomore Alex Cherry said. “I thought it was a really good idea.”

The first game ASB set for the students of each house was tic-tac-toe, except that each turn had the student run to the playing ground. The second game challenged the staff, and the goal was for two staff members from each house to string four pieces of pasta using a spaghetti in their mouths. The final game selected six representatives from each fall sport to race, with the objective to lie down and get back up while connected at their arms.

“I think it is really exciting to see all the smiles in the crowd, laughing, cheering,” baritone player and sophomore Stephanie Tang said. “It’s just like pride…showing your school spirit.”

Cheer performed to “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar as the rally was coming to an end. ASB members reminded everyone to prepare for the football game and Forthcoming dance. Activities co-director Sarah Dean said she was excited that the rally ended on time, with ASB reminding the students of the four themes for the Forthcoming dance: Nashville for Hercules, Honolulu for Pegasus, Hollywood for Poseidon and New York for Orion.

“This whole week ASB has been working their butts off,” Dean said. “Doing the rehearsals for half-time show, doing rehearsals for pep rally, the lunchtime activities: this week we had put in tons of hours.”