Finally, New Music to Add to My Playlist: Bryson Tiller, Joji and 21 Savage


Krisha Konchadi

Musicians Joji (left), Bryson Tiller (middle) and 21 Savage (right) all released new hit albums within the last month for fans to play on repeat. Each artist made a comeback with a refreshing twist to their old styles, surprising many fans but disappointing others.

Kayla Moshayedi and Emma Haag

“ANNIVERSARY” by Bryson Tiller

Rhythm and blues singer-songwriter Bryson Tiller released his third album, “ANNIVERSARY,” on Oct. 3. The album contains 10 songs, compared to his most popular album released five years ago, “Trapsoul,” which had 14 songs.

As Tiller’s album “Trapsoul” charted at Number 8 on Billboard 200, he had to make sure he would not disappoint with his new album. Unfortunately, our expectations were high, and fans did not receive the great vocals, interesting sample choices, production and trap-R&B-infused beats they wanted.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a new [Bryson Tiller] fan,” senior Zayd Shinaishin said. “I think the new album is very mediocre because it’s just not my style compared to his older albums.”

“Nectar” by Joji

Singer-songwriter Joji, put out his new album “Nectar” on Sept. 25 for all his old fans and new ones he gained from his most popular album, “Ballads 1.” The album attracted streams because of the unique alternative music style mixed with a little bit of pop.

“Nectar” tries to meet the expectations of the same feeling Joji gave to fans with “Ballads 1,” but fails. The album has more of a funky, guitar-orientated beat, which is a change from his peaceful and transcendent music from before. However, one of his most popular songs from the album, “Ew,” did please the fans with its harmony, chorus, production and overall ethereal feeling.

“I  think this album was really unique production-wise” junior Chloe Don said. “It’s hard for artists to create modernized ballads and instrumentals the way Joji does, so I don’t [think I’ve ever heard anything] similar to this album and the way it was seamlessly created.”

“SAVAGE MODE II” by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin

Rapper 21 Savage recently released “SAVAGE MODE II” on Oct.2 with Metro Boomin, who is most popular for his album “Not All Heroes Wear Capes.” “SAVAGE MODE II” received mixed emotions from listeners. The album has a blend of hip-hop and rap with an overall catchy beat to all of the songs. 

“I feel like this album has some songs better than those in ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes,’ but there were a lot less features making it less of a [Metro Boomin’] album,” junior Yonatan Akiva said. “I also liked the songs with features more like ‘Mr. Right Now’ with Drake, but both are very good. I just wish there were more features.”

Fans have made a few of the songs hits, bringing “Glock In My Lap,” “Mr. Right Now” featuring Drake and “Runnin” all to the top 20 songs of Billboard’s Hot 100. Currently, it is the number 1 album being streamed on Apple Music.