Not Homecoming, Forthcoming


Photo Courtesy of Aidan Hawkins

Students gather for a night of dancing and celebration.

Ajinkya Rane and Bryan Choi

Students gathered in the student union for the inaugural Forthcoming dance on Oct. 1, planned by ASB Director Sarah Dean.

ASB sold tickets during Spirit Week leading up to Forthcoming. Many students appeared eager to attend the second dance of the year, which like its predecessor, came after a football game.   

The dance exceeded expectations according to Dean.

“ASB [was] shooting for about half of the student body…[and] the total amount of tickets sold was about 220,” Dean said.

Forthcoming was a new experience for freshmen, with the loud music and the taste of refreshing lemonade. The entire dance was something the students could remember for the remainder of their time at Portola.

“I would attend the dances for all four years, so I can be a part of and develop the tradition,” freshman Priscilla Hui said.

Forthcoming, the first of its kind, has set the standard for the many dances in the future.